Buckle up, it is going to be an enjoyable ride

Square ’47 is like Rotterdam is. Our dishes our worldwide, our ambiance is rough, but trendy and practical (you can find sockets under every bench), while at the same time the atmosphere is no-nonsense. Cosiness and quality go together at Square ’47.

Food & Wine Bar

The fact that we set foot in the awesome harbour city of Rotterdam is for a reason. We are a meeting square, a place to come together or to go on a date. For lunch, drinks, or for having an extensive dinner. To grab a bite before or after the cinema or a concert. Our kitchen is open until midnight.

47 stands symbol for the year that Schouwburgplein was founded, but also for the number of dishes on the menu. There is plenty of choice at Square ’47.

Square ’47 is managed by real hospitality experts whose sole purpose is to indulge you. We aim for happy customers. To make you as comfortable as we possible can, we have thought of absolutely everything and we have paid attention to the smallest of details. Does your phone battery run low? You can charge it using the socket underneath your seating. The cosy and contemporary design is a masterpiece by Woodfever, a renowned interieur design company that receives the one international award after the other. What is more, is that Square ’47 has a large terrace with comfortable seating and sufficient heaters to warm you on chilly days.